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Earth Seiyaku Bath Roman Medicinal bath salt additive-free type Soft yuzu scent 600g

Earth Seiyaku Bath Roman Medicinal bath salt additive-free type Soft yuzu scent 600g


Item #: 4901080689412
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Manufacturer info



Contains gently moisturizing shea butter (moisturizing ingredient). It fits in smoothly and moisturizes the whole body.

The active ingredient enhances the warm bath effect, promotes blood circulation, and is effective for rough skin and swelling.

● Additive-free type that is gentle on the skin. (* 3 months or older)

・ Synthetic coloring, paraben, alcohol free

・ 99.99% food ingredients

・ Skin allergy tested

・ Stinging tested

* The stinging test is a test to check skin irritation and tingling sensation during use.

* Not all people are free from allergies and skin irritation.

● For hot water that is kind to the skin.

・ Amino acid component (food component) W combination.

-Removes chlorine in tap water.

* Purpose of blending amino acid components: Chlorine removing components

● A barrier container that is resistant to water.

・ Implement a showering test assuming that it will be stored in the bathroom for 30 days.

・ Environmentally friendly container

・ Approximately 77% of recycled pulp is used (paper part of the container body)

● A fluffy yuzu scent. Natural yellow hot water (transparent). (* Uses food-derived pigments)


Roughness, rash, recovery from fatigue, stiff shoulders, low back pain, poor circulation, rash, acne, cracks, chilblains, rash, neuralgia, rheumatism, hemorrhoids, bruises, wrinkles, poor circulation before and after childbirth


【how to use】

・ Dissolve in hot water (200L) of the bath while stirring well at a ratio of 20g to 30g.

-Can be weighed with a cap. (20g: 1 scale line / 30g: 1.5 scale lines)

・ Open from the corner of the cap. (It is possible from any of 4 locations.)

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