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Richell aqulea 'Ikinari' strow mag set R navy blue

Richell aqulea 'Ikinari' strow mag set R navy blue


Item #: 4973655220207
Stock: 4 in stock

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Manufacturer info


It is a set that you can step up from practicing drinking straws to straw mugs!

It is a set of [Outing straw type 200] that you can train to drink with a straw from about 6 months and [Tritan] that is transparent and durable like glass as the material ♪

● Simple structure and shape with few parts makes it easy to clean.

● Easy to step up! Since the tip shape of the mouthpiece of the mug and the straw mug is the same in the cup, you can step up without any discomfort.


★ Cup with mug straw type

● Perfect for straw training. Press the PUSH mark on the lid and the drink will come out of the straw.

● All silicone rubber lid. Has excellent sealing properties.

● A mouthpiece that matches the baby's mouth. An oval shape that is easy on the mouth and easy to suck.

★ Outing straw mug

● Transparency like glass. The material is transparent and durable "Tritan", a fashionable clear bottle whose contents are easy to see.

● It closes with a click and does not leak easily. Easy to open and close, convenient for going out. The cover can be fixed in the fully open position.

● With a handle, you can easily hold it with a small hand.

● The handle can be removed. It can be used compactly by removing the handle.


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